Sashes And Chair Decorations

Sashes and chair decorations are often hired for large scale events such as weddings. They can add a touch of class to the venue and impress guests with their elegant designs. When choosing the right ones for an event there are numerous factors that organisers need to bear in mind. Knowing what these are will allow them to find ones that are perfect for a specific venue.

Is It An Indoor Or Outdoor Event?

Sashes And Chair Decorations Is It An Indoor Or Outdoor Event - Sashes And Chair Decorations

Most sashes will be damaged if they come into contact with water. This is because they are made from very fine fabric. This can often make a lot of sashes unsuitable for outdoor events where rain is likely to fall. If organisers want to minimise risk they could place chairs under temporary shelters such as marquees.

What Is The Overall Colour Scheme?

It is not a good idea to hire sashes that do not go well with the colour hues of the rest of the décor. The event organiser will need to be aware of the overall scheme. This will include the colours of the walls, furniture and even the guest’s outfits. In the case of weddings it is common to choose a sash shade that matches the dresses of the bridesmaids.

Does The Sash Match The Chair?

It is also important to choose a chair and sash that match well together. This does not necessarily mean they need to be the exact same shade of colour. In fact, it may be better to go for two different colours that look good next to each other. Knowing a little about aesthetic theory and the colour wheel will help in this regard.

Is There Enough Stock?

There are logistical issues to consider as well. The organiser will have to know how many people are attending the event as this should correlate with the number of sashes and chairs that need to be hired. The company providing them should ensure that they have enough stock available. It is best to have the same kind of sash for each chair as it will create a sense of consistency.

Do The Sashes Have The “Wow Factor”?

The main purpose of the sashes is to impress the guests. The organisers will have to look at them and ask whether they have that certain quality that will wow those who see them. If the answer is yes then the sashes are worth hiring for the event.

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